Monday, August 22, 2011

New Beginnings

Summer is gone, at least the days of no routine! We still find ourseleves enjoying the pool during the weekend. As great as it was to have freedom of schedules, it is equally as great to get back into the swing of school!

The Princess started 3rd grade and one of her best buddies in her class. Hope this works out!
The Monkey started at the "big school" and not only has a class full of buddies, but is sharing a table with a cutie, (she declares is her future husband). She has even told him so, but that's a cute story (at least I think so) for another day.

Stiemy is busy working 12+ hour days and I'm filling in my hours with lots of different hats. We are eagerly awaiting football season and opening up our home to friends and family!!! Speaking of, I'm off to do start a few projects to get us ready! Hope your back to school routine is off to a great start!

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