Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Stiemy and I just exchanged a couple of emails and a quick phone call. My email subject was "Remember". I was sending him details that I was reminding him to take care of. When he called he thought at first glance of "Remember" that I was referring to "remember one year ago today."

One year ago today, our lives changed forever. He interviewed for a job that would offer him a completely new career and send our family in a totally new and different direction. He got it and made the call to me that said "are you ready to move?" I still get that I-want-to-throw-up feeling when I think back to it. Now, 12 months later we have made the jump to another part of the state and in some ways our old life seems so long ago. There is so much that I do miss about our old live, mostly my friends...well, only that (and maybe Target)!

"Dear Lord, thank you for presenting Stiemy with the opportunity

and the courage to go for it. You closed so many doors and windows on our

journey to that point. We knew when that door flew open, it is where You wanted us.

Please continue to guide us in the direction that You want us to go. Amen"

So today, I am now "remembering- one year ago" and I'm a more than a little sentimental!

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