Monday, May 23, 2011

My Father's Hands

Over the weekend our local swimming pool opened for the summer. The girls were thrilled to take their first dip in what seemed to be icy cool water! The Princess jumped right in and picked back up where she left off last year. The Monkey didn't seem to wait too long to adjust either. She definitely still needs someone she trusts in the pool with her!

Both girls took off immediately for the slide. I admit that seeing the Monkey climb the ladder and go down alone, startled me a bit. However, I noticed that her "buddy boy" aka Daddy was in the pool waiting for her. She went down the slide several times with no fear, as long as Daddy's strong hands were there to catch her the minute she hit the water.

I was immediately struck with the symbolism of Our Father's Hands. Is it really so different? His Hands are always holding us. He may let us dip under the water, but He will always bring us back to the surface and He never lets go even when we slip. How blessed would we always be to remember and have the same confidence of a child in a pool with her Daddy.

Happy swimming and blessings for the strong grip He keeps on us,

even when we are "drowning".

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