Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mommy Moments from Faith Begins @Home

We recently moved and joined a new church. They are in the midst of launching a new program based on Maria & Mark Holmen's "Faith Begins at Home" and Faith @ Home Ministries. Part of the program includes a book "Faith Begins @ Home MOM." Last night I began the book and each chapter will include "Mommy Moments" for the reader to consider. One of the questions in "Mommy Moments" in the first chapter was what advice would you give to new mom's. There is so much, but my favorite piece of advice is this...

The princess was that perfect baby. She would eat, sleep, wake, eat, sleep. She slept through the night at 5 weeks old. Then, we met the monkey! She would eat, eat, cry, eat, eat, cry, sleep for a second, then wake to eat AGAIN. She didn't sleep through the night until after I went back to work and she was probably 13-15 weeks old. Of course, there are mothers reading this (probably not really) that are like "my child is 2 yrs old and still doesn't sleep" or "my child had reflux" or any other horrible story of newborns. Let me just say it was still tough compared to the princess. Not impossible and not the worst it could have been, but still I like to sleep. I require sleep!
No matter how tough those hours are that you are awake with a little baby never forget that you will sleep again. I'm sure when my girls are dating, driving and staying up all night with slumber parties, I will need to remind myself:

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