Monday, March 21, 2011

A Comparison

It seems that on a daily basis, my girls tell me "Mama, we are going to do everything you ask us to, use our manners and be so good from now on!" How long does it last about as long as it takes for one of them to take stickers away from the other!

As I listened to this solemn promise again during Spring Break it hit me! Is this really any different than our daily promise to God? "Dear Lord, help me to do all you want me to do and keep me from evil. Please forgive me of all my many sins and help me to be more like Him."

Daily He forgive us and daily we mess up again. Again, I am reminded how similar God's love is to my love for my girls.

Dear God, thank you for forgiving us daily. Please grant me with the same patience and forgiveness.

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