Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Monkey

I remember the day my doctor discharged me from the hospital after having my 2nd baby. Hubs was asleep in the room and it was still dark outside. I told the doctor that I felt fine, but that I didn’t feel like the baby was really mine. Please don’t judge me here, I loved her and she was perfect. The issue was that I had had 3 ½ years to fall into the deep love and connection with the Princess. This precious Monkey had only been in the world 1 ½ days. Now, almost 4 years later I know that she is mine and it didn't take but a few more hours to know she was. Well, mine that God has given me on loan from him.

Tomorrow is her 4th birthday and I can’t believe it. That little monkey looked at me this morning and told me she wanted chocolate cupcakes for breakfast tomorrow! She grinned so big when she heard me say we would have shrimp Saturday night to eat. This little girl has brought so much joy to our lives. We laugh at her daily and just shake our heads. For the longest time, we thought it was just us. However, after years of observing she bring smiles and laughter to nearly everyone she comes in contact with!

She is so different from her sweet and older sister. She is our clown. She loves to watch football and thinks every team is the Bulldogs. She has a MSU baseball hat that you seldom see her without. Her favorite clothes include her “shorts with pockets”, MSU hat and a MSU tshirt or sweatshirt. She also has a Tate 2011 t-shirt she really likes. Her sister has always been easy to dress and compliant with almost anything we ask her to wear. This little one has a fashion sense of her own and wants pockets in everything. This definitely alters how I shop and buy for her!My Monkey “snoozes” (most refer to it as snores) and has a deep raspy voice. Her teachers at school and church always tell us that she is “the mother” of the room. She helps everyone and keeps everbody in line. We think that it is their nice way of saying she’s “bossy”. She and her sister have a precious relationship. Princess almost always gives in and gives Monkey what she wants. Hence, Princess is trying to keep the peace (like her Mama) and Monkey is determined and persistent (like her Daddy). She can play by herself much better than her older sister. They share a room and most nights end up in the same twin bed, which I love! I pray they will always be close and have each other. For nearly 8 years, I’ve heard how much the Princess looks like her Daddy and she does. The Monkey though is mine! It is fun to have one that people think looks like me. I’m not really sure who she acts like yet. Hubs and I both insist we didn’t act like she does when we were 4. I might act more like that now, but not then. She keeps us on our toes for sure!

One of my favorite things she said to us recently went something like this:

Me: “Monkey, please don’t talk so loud and use your inside voice.”

Monkey: “Mama, I can’t help it my mouth is just loud”

Seriously, what can I say back to that?

I love you baby girl and never forget “nobody loves you, like I do.”

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