Friday, December 17, 2010

The Elf & Kat

So, while I struggle a little with why I do this blog (and I am not dedicated, sorry MSKS.) However, today I'm going to take the direction that maybe one day my girls will look back at it and there will be stories about them (since the scrapbook/baby book mom, I am NOT).

So, Oliver our Elf has been with us regularly for a few years now. This year Kat has been even more about it and curious as to his reasons for lurking. I've also noticed over the last few weeks that she may be scared of our little red friend. She doesn't want to be anywhere that her back will be to him. I think it's funny and also a trait that I learned from my father and maybe she has from Stiemy. We do not like to sit with our back at the door, we like to know who is coming towards us. So, this morning there was an uneaten bowl of cheerios in the kitchen because Oliver was hanging out behind her! Bless her little heart!

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and 2 became 5 said...

i remember reading this last year. kat's feelings towards your elf made me think of it. i'm about to go re-read it myself :)

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