Friday, January 8, 2010

A Letter to the Monkey-Happy 3rd Birthday!

Dear Monkey,

Three years ago today, we were waiting to meet you. I love surprises and we wanted to wait until you were born to find out boy or girl! I convinced your Daddy the only time he would get any attention during this was when he walked out with you to announce your arrival, girl or boy and your name. When we found out we were expecting you, the due date was my birthday, January 12th! Daddy and I got married on January 9, 1999 and I was adamant that you had to have your own day!

Around 4:00 that afternoon, we were told it, “It’s another Girl!” Of course, one of the nurses remarked, “Two Weddings Dad!”

A nurse went down the hall to get your big sister (3 1/2 years old) to come meet you before everyone else did. The nurses bundled you up tight, handed you off to your Daddy and he marched down the hall with his 2 girls to meet the clan!

Your middle name is the same as your Daddy’s and his Dad’s. We weren’t really sure what your name would be until about 2 days before your birth. If you had been a boy we still were firm on your name. It was between John Hamilton (Jack) or Turner Hamilton.

You have forever changed our world! We will also strive to not compare you with your sister, but personality wise it is hard not to. When I think of you here are a few things that come to mind:

-You can be so mischievous one minute and the next be holding my face between your two hands planting a kiss on my lips!
-You were bald headed for almost 2 years and we loved it!
-You call your sister “Sissy”
-Your teachers and friend’s moms say you are like “a little mother in the class”. We don’t see this at home, maybe because you are the baby.
-You and your Sissy absolutely adore each other! However, recently you have started copying her and making fun of her…pretty typical for a younger sibling.
-You can be a real flirt.
-You love to watch football and more recently hunting shows.
-You already love the bulldogs!
-You do not like the mud…or the sand (hoping to change that soon)
-You have carried a big pink silky blanket around since you were born. You call it “Baby”
-You suck your thumb, but we are trying to convince you to quit

You complete our precious little family. There are so many things that I can’t wait to do with both of my girls and share with you! My prayer is that we will be the best parents we can for you and teach you to love Jesus with all you have. Baby Girl (you and Sissy fight over who my baby girl is…I tell you that you are both my babies); you have an awesome life ahead of you.

Happy 3rd Birthday Katherine Hamilton McCaskill!
September 2007 -You weren't old enough to have an opinion about sand!

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