Monday, December 21, 2009


The week of Christmas is now here. I left Target last night saying "I'm done with my shopping" and last night I wrapped my last gifts...I thought. Only to remember 2 more that I stashed away from little hands and eyes. Then last night the Monkey decides to tell Santa she wants a Choo Choo Train...what? I haven't heard this before now? What do I do now? The good news/bad news is that her birthday falls only 2 weeks after Christmas, so I can shift gifts around.

I will have to post pictures from our visit with the big Red Man last night later. My Princess was mesmerized and didn't hesitate to climb on his lap. The Monkey just a big talker. She kept her distance, but there was a sparkle in her eye! Maybe next year.

It has become a tradition for our little family to go nearby and visit the City of Lights. The temperature varies from nice enough to not need a jacket, to hats and scarves and mittens! This year was freezing and as returned home the snow began to fall. You just never know! Included in this tradition is trying to snap a picture on the exact steps in front the of the same tree and lights each year. I'm notorious for getting there and my camera batteries dying, so I can't find the shots from 2008. Watch our family grow and change....

(before the monkey)
(the monkey was less than 1 month away from joining us)

(the Monkey's first Christmas trip)


Merry Christmas!

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