Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lord, please equip me with the answers.

Jeff Foxworthy is host of "Are You Smarter Than a 2nd Grader". Unfortunately, I'm not sure I'm even smarter than a 1st grader. She doesn't want me to read to her anymore, she wants to do it.

On one hand this is great because she can entertain her sister.

On another hand it is frustrating because if she wants to read to me, it takes a little longer than if I read it. Selfish? Yes. Will I be pleading for these moments back soon, of course!

Finally, I feel so blessed to know she is in a Christ centered school and is learning so much. This is the same smart little girl that when I apologized for saying an inappropriate word (it was only "crap" by the way) last week, she asked if it started with "sh". Yikes....maybe she was thinking shoot? I will just think so.

So, last night on our way home from basketball we have this conversation:

Princess: "Mama, why does God make sick stuff?"
Mama: "Ummm...like what?"
Princess: "Like fever and colds and swine flu?"
Mama: "Ummm...good question. I think sometimes we get sick because God wants us to slow
down and listen to him. He wants us to depend on Him and spend time with Him. I also, think He wants to show us that only He can make us feel better."
Princess: "But God doesn't want us to be sick?"
Mama: "Ummm...you are right."
Princess: "So, I don't understand."
Mama: "Baby, there are so many things that we don't understand and that we never will. We just have to know that God is going to always love us and take care of us."
Princess: "Mama, they have a snow globe in their yard."

One hour later at the dinner table:
Princess: "Mama, did you tell Daddy what I asked you?"
Daddy: "Yes, she did." (Of course, I had to give him a heads up on a good response)
Princess: "Well, Daddy what did you say. Why does God make sick stuff?"
Daddy: "Your Mama was right and there are a lot of things we will never understand we just have to trust that God loves us."
Princess: "Can we put the lights and decorations on the tree now?"

Their minds are like sponges and it scares me to death. We are responsible for loving and training these girls to know, love and fear the Lord. Wow! Lord, please equip me with the answers to make sure these babies grow closer to You and develop their own sweet and precious relationships with You!

By the way, "Mama's right" are some awesomely sweet words to my ears!


Jodi said...

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Jodi Hughes

and 2 became 5 said...

great entry - i love hearing the mind workings of little children!

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