Monday, November 16, 2009

The Trip to Starkville...worth it!

Saturday afternoon, I headed to Starkville with friends. Arrived in time to head to the Sigma Chi House for the precious Memorial Dedication to Jennifer & Jon Steckler. I was able to hold Steck's sweet 1 year old nephew, one of Sherman's girls sat quietly in my life and my favorite part was hugging Mrs. Steckler's sweet, precious neck! There were definitely some memories shared and my favorite was Steck dressed in a Super T tshirt hanging off the old balcony at a party one night.

Mrs. Steckler is a tower of strength that even in my wildest dreams, I could never compare. I surely do not even want to experience 1/3 of what she has. She has the strongest faith of anyone that I have ever known. The quietest and most genuine ways. It is so obvious by spending any amount of time with her that her priorities are in the order all of ours should be.

1. God First.
2. Family Second.

The mother of 11 children, her job in life was to raise her family to love God, others and then maybe themselves. Thank you, Mrs. Steckler. You are a beautiful woman on the inside and out and you shared with many of us one of the most precious gifts in my life...your 5th child/3rd daughter-Jennifer Dale.

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