Monday, August 10, 2009

Would You Have Done That?

So, I'm sure there is some rule in blog world that states potty training topics or bathroom humor should never be used. However, who can help it! The Monkey is being potty trained. I will avoid some details and just let you know that at school she is doing great at home, we are a little more lazy about it. She has not mastered the code browns in the potty yet. How easily we forget that the first born had a similar issue. However, this one may be taken a little longer. I digress...

On Saturday afternoon, the girls headed across the street to the Reeves to jump in the blowup thingy. I can't imagine the sauna temps it must have reached in there. As they walked across the street, I shared with Heather that the Monkey did not have anything under her shorts. We were trying a new approach. She said it was fine and she would just 409 any accidents that occurred. Little did I expect that she would leave the Reeves a small gift! Was I mortified? YES! However, it was a little too late for apologies. The hound dog noses of the girls found the present and Mrs. Heather took care of the little deposit! Thank heavens it was found before they laid down that night. Lesson learned....don't let the Monkey leave without something under those shorts! Another lesson learned is I have taught my girls how to leave a hostess gift! Ready for us to head to your house to show our appreciation for your hospitality?

So, my question was posed in the title. Would You Have Done That?
1. Would you have sent your own monkey over in the same situation .
2. Would you have cleaned up after the monkey if it wasn't your child or would you have called me to do it myself.

3...If you have any tips on how to successfully complete this potty training issue...we would welcome it!

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mary straton said...

monkey fingers!

And I pick up enough dog poop to be able to handle Monkey's poop.

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