Sunday, August 16, 2009

Funniest Book, Ever!

I'm not sure who to thank for this recommendation, MK for suggesting Jen Lancaster to MSKS or MSKS for loaning me all her books! "Such a Pretty Fat" is hands down the funniest book that I have ever read (and it's true)! There were so many favorite parts and I wouldn't want to spoil the plot. Ok, plot may be a loose term for ending for this book.

There were nights that Stiemy would climb in the bed and I would just be laughing so hard and I wanted to share every bit of it with him. He got tickled just watching me laugh. In one chapter Jen refuses to weigh herself and decides instead to photo herself without clothes. When she downloads the photos on the computer she wonders when Jabba The Hut (sp?) moved in with her. Maybe it hit too close to home for me!

I saw so much of myself in Jen (and I can't say that is a total compliment). I do think that if I were to ever write a book and I would love to one day, my writing style would be similar to Jen's (again, not a compliment). Her writing style exhausts me quite frankly, so I have a new appreciation for all 5 of you fans and those that are kind enough to listen to my never-ending stories!

Last winter I joined the Edward Cullen cult and read the Twilight series. I found myself in such a slump afterwards. Thank goodness the slump is over (I still have a crush on Edward...even mentioned him to Stiemy this morning in church). Thanks again ladies for sharing Jen with me. What's next? Pass it on!

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