Monday, August 3, 2009

An Oops...Moment

Have you ever noticed when you walk in the church you immediately are a little more careful about the words that come out of your mouth? I know the reason is that it is God's House and we are to respect and honor him. Pretty much like being mindful of things you may say in front of your parents (no matter what your age may be). Truth be told God can hear us everywhere but when we are in His House we are naturally more reverent, I hope!

All this I have stated to really set myself up for an oops moment! Sunday I was working the nursery pod, as I have for several years. I enjoy seeing the kiddies (and families) grow while visiting with friends and meeting new people. Anyway, yesterday the rush hit and an old friend of Stiemy's walked up. The conversation that followed went something like this:

Friend: "Hey, I saw Stiemy yesterday"
Me: "Oh great, at the Wildlife Extravaganze"
Friend: "Uh, no....."
Me: "Oh at Hooters or Bass Pro Shop"
Friend: "Uh, no..."
Me: "Oh, of course not...he wasn't there either"
Friend: "At the Grocery Store"
Me: "Perfect sense, that is exactly where he was"

Oh, man did I just totally say all of that? Funny was it was in front of a friend that lost it with laughter and not so funny, in front of a complete stranger. Classy and impressive in God's House, right? Way to go KK! Just telling the truth and see where it got ya!

Hope you don't have any oops...moments this week!

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