Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Real Life Heroes

When I started in the tourism industry in 1997, KB warned me that once you get in to the tourism industry it is really hard to get out. The people are just so great and you spend so much time with them that if you get out...you want right back in. Fortunately, I haven't had to get out yet and "most" of the people are great!

There was a very short amount of time that I was able to get to know the girls from Oxford Tourism at the time. It was just a very casual hi how are you and maybe sharing a table at a conference at that was bout it. 11 years later, she came back on my radar through a friend's friend. Got to love the southern connections. First, I was looking for bible study options and someone gave me Robyn's name, so I randomly contacted her via email (she had written studies for her church, wow). Then a friend that lived in Oxford for a couple of years mentioned her to me and told me I should check out her blog. Her husband was in the National Guard and was about to be deployed. So, I start reading about this family. He writes about his time away from his family, his home and his country. She writes about their family activities (3 active children) and how they are coping without Daddy.

I admit, I am probably a little too self-absorbed with my own little world and do not pay enough attention to the outside world. What can I do to change any perception of our country? What can I do to change the situation in Iraq? I mean, I pray for our country in church, during elections and during the patriotic holidays and maybe other times? Unfortunately, I bet I'm in the majority on this and that millions of Americans totally take for granted what is going on to protect us and our innocent babies. What can we do? PRAY.

Well, the Tannehills have made all of this a reality for me. The courage each family member has had to find to be without their husband and father around has amazed me. It is in the little things that Robyn shares that I find myself saying, "I would never have been able to do that". Then it is Rhea's words that I find so brave and vulnerable all the same time. Most importantly, I have realized that yes we live in a free country, but it is not by luck. There are thousands of men and women out there. They miss their families, their friends, their lives, the green grass in the summer and a cold beer on the porch with neighbors.

Recently, Rhea was able to travel home for 2 weeks for leave. As I sat at my computer, I could picture the reunion and cried while I read about this family that I don't really even know. Then today, I read about their goodbyes when he had to return. You can hear the worry and concern in each of the words they type. We are so FREAKING blessed to have these men serving our country. You can also find their blog under my Amazing Gents section, I bet you can figure out which one it is!

We have real life heroes protecting us every second of every day. Thank you, Rhea & Robyn and all of you heroes and by heroes I mean- husbands, wives, mothers and fathers, children and friends that are sharing the person you love more than anyone else with us.

MSKS, no wonder Strat thanks servicemen and women that he sees in public. We should all do it!

"God, please bless our troops and their families.
Please help them each to return home safely & quickly,

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