Friday, July 31, 2009

Post Beach Read: The Choice

So, the reading worm has hit me again and I can't get enough! Thank goodness the deep hole I found after my highs from the Twilight series has passed. My college roommate of 4 years, Holli, and I have swapped books for close to 17 years now. Wow, is that even right? She recently sent me some of her recent favs from Meridian and I picked up the first one: The Choice by Nicholas Sparks. Wow, I haven't read one of his in a while and they are always easy and not to intense. This started out so perfect and challenge free that I thought, I could have written this (I was enjoying it though)! Last night I finished the book with tears streaming down my cheeks. I thought I'm going to have to finish this tonight or I will NEVER read another book she gives me again. I just could not predict which way it would go. Needless to say, he (Sparks) did it again. Surely, this will be a movie in the making soon. Hopefully, I won't be any smarter by then and when I go see the movie I hope that I don't remember how it ends (so I will be surprised)! Happy Friday and happy reading, can't wait to pick up a new one tonight!

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