Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jen Lancaster Book Reviews (the only thing scarier would be a publisher finding my blog and publishing it)

As mentioned in previous posts, my friend (MSKS), and I enjoy passing books back and forth to each other. I love a good chick read and she reads topics a little more thought provoking. I keep thinking when she has kids one day that she won't be able to think and/or process too many deep thinking themes. Anyway, she has passed along several books by Jen Lancaster. I have to admit they are nothing I would think she would read. Bitter is the new Black and Bright Lights, Big Ass are the two I have read fairly recently.

I felt so shallow reading the first one. Brian asked if it was a true story and I said, "NO, thank heavens". The next day MSKS said "Did you not see Memoir on the front cover?" Gosh, I don't feel quite so bad about myself. At least I only blog about my uneventful life (for my readership of 2) and this chick Jen Lancaster has written a whole series about her. What is even crazier is now she has like 4 books and blogs. Maybe I will make Ms. McMurchy proud and be able to dedicate my first book to her afterall (that is what she wrote on the front cover of my 6th grade autobiography). Maybe this weekend while visiting the parental unit, I will be able to dig up the masterpiece!

I think my favorite part from the first two books was when she offered to pick up a runners packet for the Chicago Marathon (for a friend). She has gained a good bit of weight through the stress of unemployment and ends up losing it with all the "fit" people she found herself in line with! It was hysterical and so something I would probably do!

I have the 3rd book in the series, but think I'm going to head for a more serious storyline-My Sister's Keeper. I'm sure I won't be able to head back to Mrs. Lancaster fast enough!

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mary-kathryn said...

jen lancaster makes me laugh out loud... and my sisters keeper made me cry, but i loved it!

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