Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hurt Feelings & Another Birthday for America

I knew the day was coming when I just wouldn't have an answer for the Princess. It has been a rough little week for the 6 year old. It took 6 years for a member of my McCarty Rabbit Hutch to lose an ear and less time than that for my Parlevelous OPI (purple) nail polish to shatter all over the bathroom floor. Then came Wednesday and I heard "they don't like me and they like each other better." OH NO, she is only 6! Her sweet little feelings were so hurt and she did not understand why a 7 year old and 4 year old didn't come right back when they said they would. This immediately brought her to tears and a protruding bottom lip with the thought, "they like playing with each other more than they do me." I knew this day would come and I just didn't have the answer to make it ok. All I could say was, "That is so not true. I know your feelings are hurt, but you have known the 7 year old much longer than the 4 year old has and you have been at summer camp all day playing while they have been at home bored." Nothing seemed to make this scenario acceptable, so finally I changed the subject and told her I would beat her at Mario Cart on Wii. Drama diverted!

This weekend marks another birthday for our amazing country. During my time of travel for work, I have learned how precious it is to live in the United States of America. We are allowed to fly our flags whenever we want, vote in every election and listen, read and worship exactly like we want. Also, as I have grown up (never ending process) I have a very small idea of what a sacrifice it is for so many of our men and women in the armed services to protect our freedom. Over the last several months, I have found a blog through a blog from someone I worked with for a small amount of time 10 years ago. I have heard her name off and on through the years through mutual friends and now am an avid reader of the blog they have for their family. Her husband is currently serving time away from his 3 children, wife, family and law practice. This week he blogged about attending a service for one of their fallen soldiers and that he will never forget the sight for as long as he lives.

Thank you to our veterans and real life heroes that are currently protecting our country and keeping our freedom as our founding fathers meant it to be!

Happy 4th of July and Happy Birthday America!

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