Friday, July 17, 2009

Easely Amused

How often do I think that I am easily amused? Probably too often, but doesn't that make me easily happy to? Recently, a few gals and I have ventured out without the boys (although I think next time I will grab the hubs to go with me) and had a little girl fun. There is a really fun place,
Easely Amused, and you should check it out! Here are some samples of my masterpieces!

The Princess was so excited about my bird's nest and very proud!

Much to my disappointment, she did not have the same level of enthusiasm about my angel!
I just knew she was going to beg for it to go her in room. The only response I got was, Hmmmm
where are her wings and what is the white stuff?
Great, nothing like a 6 year old to subtly let you know to keep your day job!

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mary-kathryn said...

i'm dying to do this, MSKS, Rochelle and you have all made it sound so fun!

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