Monday, June 1, 2009


Over the weekend, my family experienced a little spontaneity! It is just not in Stiemy's blood to NOT have a plan, he can't help. He always has one and if it doesn't go the way he thinks...ouch! It is simply his nature!

For example a normal Thursday conversation may go like this.
Stiemy: "KK, what would you like to eat this weekend."
KK: "I don't know, maybe a filet and sweet potatoes?"
Stiemy: "No, I was thinking fish on the grill Friday night and ribs on Saturday."
KK: "Ok, if that is what you want to do, I just kinda would like some red meat."
Stiemy: "Well, we can do that another night."

So, as you can see he already had it planned out and I just shouldn't have even made a suggestion. Well, over the weekend we had plans to gather with some friends until one of their little ones got a tummy bug, so we called off the activity. I convinced Stiemy to just roll with it and let's see what happens. He didn't hurry out to the grill, instead headed to a new festival in town and then with some other families to eat somewhere we hadn't been. I was so proud of him at the end of the night because he had been "wild with some spontaneity!"

It is fun to be a little spontaneous sometimes and you can grab fun pictures like this to prove it!


Renee Guest said...

i just randomly found your blog! i haven't even read it yet so I have to go back and see what you've been up to!!!!!! :))
hope you are having a good summer!
Renee Guest

mary straton said...

cute munchkins!

Stiemy's Birthday