Friday, June 5, 2009

Vacation Bible School...What An Experience

This week marked the annual Christ United Methodist Church Vacation Bible School. Today at lunch, some friends laughed that include the "vacation" in it, but IS what it is called! This the Princess' second year to attend at our church and she loves it. I have never been able to volunteer (last year I think I was working....and watching Wimbledon) and this year I could carve out a couple of days to assist.
Little did I know that I would have a group of 6 upcoming 2nd graders with only 2 little girls! There were 4 boys in my group and I was a bit intimidated about how they might behave. They could not have been any politer (is that word) or sweeter than they were. It totally made me think for about 1/2 second of chancing it again to get that boy of my own!

Many of my friends and family have always made fun of me and referred to me as "the emotional one". If someone is going to tear up during a reality tv show or sweet song it will probably be me. That said, I found myself tearing up several time yesterday as VBS ended. There was just something about being surrounded by 550 singing little children that just makes you proud.

Children are so innocent and the kids there love God and it showed. It was an awesome experience for me about the importance of parenting and mentoring. Working with the 7-8 year old little kids was the best! They didn't know enough to try and act cool and not participate (at least my boys didn't) and they sang their little hearts out with movements and all. I'm sure the friend sitting with me last night could not figure out why I had teary eyes during the program, but the music was so special and those kids were worshiping the Lord! It hit me that this is such a crucial time to grab those kids and pour into them everything we can because we only have this one chance!

I am also thankful for the experience because I know that I did not choose the wrong major in college. Thank goodness there are some wonderful and patient folks out there to be teachers. The energy and stamina it took for the whole 2 1/2 days I participated was draining! Who would have thought I would be happy to sit behind a desk and try to translate conversations with people from Argentina today!

If you have volunteered or worked with VBS, thanks! If you haven't, please go find a Vacation Bible School this summer to assist with and it will touch your heart, I promise (even if you need to take personal time off to do it)!

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