Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, Princess

This week we are celebrating the Princess' 6th birthday. I have no inclination where the time has gone and yes, I realize that every post lately has been an apology on my lack of postings! So, since I must not have the time or creativity to come up with my own clever ways to honor those closest to me, I will borrow from a friend her ways...sorry MSKS!

A-Always happy to see me!
B-Beautiful inside & out
C-Cuddling Pro
E-Everything I could have wanted and more
F-Forever my little girl
I-Innocent, may you always be so
J-Just the best
L-Your laughs make my heart smile
M-My first born
N-"Nobody loves you like I do"
O-Obedient (for the most part)
Q-Quiet when you wake up (for 10 minutes)
R-Ready to go, always!
T-Terrified of Millie when she jumps
U-Understands about lip gloss and a deer skinning pen
W-Always Wonders what is next
X-Explains what the "monkey" is trying to say, perfectly
Y-Yells impatiently until someone comes when you call!
Z-You like Zebras? Ok, so I tried-this was much harder than I thought!

I love you , Princess!

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Sarah Largen said...

tell my friend happy birthday-sweet girl!

Stiemy's Birthday