Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where Does the Time Go?

Somehow it is almost May? Seriously, can the time go any faster and I find myself so frustrated that I do not blog more regularly. My friends ask how I even have time and obviously, I don't! How have you even survived without me (all 3 of you)?

So, here is the run down on our crew in the last 6 weeks. We added to the family! A four legged addition not 2 legs. The girls uncles (my lil bro and Stiemy's big bro)bred their yellow labs and we came home from the Delta with a puppy. Stiemy wanted a male with a one syllable name. We got a female and named her Millie. Another day in the life of living with all girls for our Daddy! At this point, the girls Crocs all have teeth marks and the black foam around the AC coil is all over my backyard. We have chicken wire wrapped around my wooden columns and a lot of little bombs in the backyard that we have to be careful not to step in! Other than that, we love Millie.

The Princess is wrapping up her year in K5 and is reading books for homework. It is so hard to believe that she will begin 1st grade in the fall! The Monkey finally has enough hair to wear a bow. We are slowly introducing it and hoping she will eventually leave it in! Everyday she looks more like her big sister but they really couldn't act any more different!

For instance, the Princess barely hits Millie and says in this sweet voice "no, Millie". Now, when the Monkey wants Millie to get down it is a hard push and adamant "NO MILLIE". I think Millie takes her a little more serious! Last night on the way home from a church picnic there was a small squabble in the back seat and next thing I heard was from the Princess, "Mama, she called me hard headed". Yep, the Monkey learned that one in daycare and thought she was something! Just to make it clear the hard headness quality comes from their father's side of the family!

Wow, what will it be next and don't you feel completely caught up on the fun times with our family!

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