Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We're Back....

Does anybody know what happened to November? It was a hectic and wild month for the McCaskills! Often my life feels like a Willie Nelson song. We were on the road again! Between Mistletoe Marketplace, a family trip to the deer camp, a work trip to China and Thanksgiving with my family, the month was gone!

December was off to a rocky start with strep throat for the parents and ear issues with the monkey! However, We're Back. Not only is our family back home for a few weeks (well, Stiemy Daddy is leaving for the deer camp again) but we had a guest when we returned from Thanksgiving. Oliver is back! It is amazing how much joy this little silly elf brings to our family for one month. Here is to wishing you a slower and fun Christmas season! Hopefully, your elf has found his way home.

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