Friday, December 5, 2008

Blogging Crisis......

As you can tell, from your frequent visitors I'm currently in the middle of a Blog Crisis. Actually, it probably began from the first month I had the account. I really want it to be cute and fun to view. Everyone needs that honest friend, that tells them with things are pretty crappy. I'm so blessed to have an honest brother! He no doubt will deny to all of you that he looks at my blog. I believe he is secretly obsessed with it. Of course, he will never post a comment or anything, but he is a regular. I knew I was having a crisis when he made the comment about the Beach Boys "Wipe Out" music that obnoxiously played for a weeks (ok maybe all summer). He will also never admit that I hurt his feelings by not giving him a "shout out" on his birthday in July. He claims that I all but made his wife's birthday a national holiday and he got nothing! Can we say he is a little sensitive about the situation. All I can say is I have to love him, his wife was optional and I definitely got blessed with her!

So, back to the problem. The pink background was a bit of an experiment. I love pink and you can just ask any of my girls teachers (they have asked if pepto exploded in their closets)! What can I say we are girlie girls around our home (not to mention we love our Daddy in pink)! Anyway, the pink hurt my eyes and I would hate to scare away all 3 of you that read me. I changed it to white and do think it is much easier on my eyes (that now require reading glasses)!

Why all the babble about the blog? Great question, you want me to just get to the point, right? I need help. I'm not really willing to shell out money for a professionally designed one, but if you know of a website that offers free templates let me know!


Reed, Anna and Emily said...

Everyone has lots of cute designs!

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