Thursday, November 13, 2008

Election Part II

So, it is just over one week and everyone has come to grips that Barack is our new President-Elect. I was busy working at Mistletoe Marketplace last Wednesday morning and heard many moms mentioning how they "broke" the news to their children that McCain had lost. Somehow, my 5 year old wasn't too concerned with it because she never asked...that is until yesterday.

The Princess picked up this week's copy of People magazine with President-Elect Obama on the cover. I asked her, if she knew who it was and she said "yes, but why is he on the front, that's not who we want to win?"

Hmmm...I broke it to her easy that he did win. She said ok. Wow, if only the rest of us could have taken it so well! Again, lessons from a 5 year-old!

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