Sunday, April 13, 2008


I know all you blogging friends have just been dying to know where I have been for the last few weeks, right? Nope, all two of you (MSKS and MKM) who read this were with me on this work trip. For the last week, I have been in Japan for work. First in Tokyo and then Osaka and Nagoya. This was my second trip to Japan, but I really feel that I was able to take in more of this fascinating country than the last time.
I wish that I had blogged or at least kept a journal everyday, but of course I didn't. No surprises there, I am the mom that hasn't finished her almost 5 year old's first year book and do you think I have started on the second one's? Nope again.
Here are a few things that stick out to me about Japan:
1. The Japanese have a system for everything including how to put your luggage in the line to be loaded on the bus.
2. It is still not customary to tip in Japan. They are insulted by this because they are already being paid to service you (bellman, taxi drivers, concierge, waiters).
3. Japanese menus do not prevent you from ordering. There are pictures for everything on the menu and most of the time so pre-prepared plates sitting outside for you to have an idea what to order.
4. We scheduled an appointment with Toyota's travel agent department and they planned lunch at a local restaurant and we paid. No typical discussions like in America of "let me get the check" just a fact they expected us to do it. (I do not find this insulting just a different way than us)

It is wonderful to be home. I walked right into a house that had been cleaned by my sweet mother-in-law and with motormouth Princess not letting up at all! Also, while I was gone the monkey figured out where her nose was when you ask and I am now working on the belly button. This should not be a problem since it pooches out so far! As you can see, the girls got gifts when I returned (what parent doesn't return from a trip without them?). I learned years ago that gifts are a great bribe to them warming up to you and getting that big welcome home hug you have been planning to get!

The monkey is much more interested in the "baaaallllll" as she calls it that looks like it came from a gum baaaallllll machine than the kimono that cost 26,000 yen. Impressive that the state pays me that kind of money, huh? Don't be that just calculates to $26 USD. If I had time and if I had started this blogging 3 years ago, I would have a really funny story about Super Chikan and the yen from my last trip to Japan.

I would also be remiss to not ask what in the world happened on AI? I leave for one week and my guy gets the boot? Give me a break. At least Priscilla is still dancing on DWTS! I caught up on my reality tv last night and this morning from 2-4...jet lag ya know!


mary straton said...

yay! I love the kimonos!

and 2 became 5 said...

I'm also a faithful reader & am glad to know where in the world you have been! Welcome home.

Memory said...

i have now joined the world of is page is new...and not near as detailed as yours...but i will get there! keep in touch...

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