Tuesday, April 22, 2008

B is for Birthdays & Beth

So, I had this grand idea like another cool blogger (actually, she is the whole reason I have a blog). Anyway, it was to do the alphabet and have some great word for each letter. So, what happened to A? You would think it would be so easy since my oldest child starts with A. Oh well, you hear enough about how they may be the cutest girls in the whole world. We will just skip A and get straight to B.

B is for birthdays! I am a believer that we should receive more gifts on our birthday than for Christmas. Christmas is about Jesus and a birthday is for just for you! Also, maybe parents should receive gifts on their children's birthday...you know it just makes sense!

B is for Beth. The Lord blessed me with an amazing family and my sister-in-laws are included in this. In 2001 my little brother gave me one of the best gifts of all times and he is a great gift giver (I'll save this for the Hs maybe). When all of us get together as the Kittles, it is a blast (crazy too). Brian, Hart, Beth and I were all at MSU during the same time. We know almost all the same people from school and have friends in common. She was a Jimmy's kid so we don't ALL the same folks. To say that we lack for conversation is putting it mildly.

All of this said, what has happened in our lives the last 21 months. On July 23, 2006 the Kittle name was granted through another generation. Hartley Weems Kittle V was born. He practically came into the world so quickly that the only people that made it to the hospital were Hart, Beth and one of her brothers. The rest of us were soon to follow just not quick enough. V was born with passing health reports, 10 fingers and 10 toes. Everything parents pray for and want. Then our worlds changed forever. V was transported to UMC with a heart condition and within 72 hours of his birth he was flown to CHOP where he spent the next 10 weeks or so of his life and his parents. He had several open heart surgeries and has since returned for one more. I am happy to report that if you run into him somewhere, you will not be able to pick out the child that has been sick. He is the happiest little almost 2 year old boy you can find. This background is necessary to understand Beth.

Never once have I heard her complain. Never once have I heard her ask why me? Never once has she been harsh with a nurse when her child was uncomfortable. I even heard one nurse call him a her and she didn't correct her. I suppose it should go without saying that I politely told the nurse she was a he, but those of you that know me and Big Daddy know that we just had to speak up for her and him! Never once when I have been whining about the difficulties God has thrown my way has she said, "KK get a grip, do you know what I have been dealing with? Your problems ain't nothing." If you know Beth can you EVER hear her saying any of that. Nope, but can't say you weren't hear me say it or at least think it.

When I have heard someone comment to Beth about her dedication and how well she has handled everything, she says you would have too. She is right, we would do it it's your baby, but to handle it with the grace, the faith and the no questions asked...I'm not so sure I could do it so well.

Beth , thank you for teaching me how to not ask why me and just deal with it. Thank you for my precious niece and nephew and for loving my brother (I know that is no easy task)! You are an amazing mother, loving wife and fabulous sister-in-law. Most of all you are my friend and I love you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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mary straton said...

YAY! I love Beth. She took me under her sweet little wing when I moved to the Delta. It helped to have another Starkvillian there, even though I was a Jimmy Reject.

Oh, and Hart's pretty cool, too.

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