Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Be Careful What You Ask For...

So, the princess and I were in the car going home from ballet. The conversations went like this:

The Princess: "Did you have a meeting, Mama?"

Mama: "No baby, I needed to meet with Ms. Mary Beth at work so Daddy took you to ballet."

The Princess: "Oh, do you work with Ms. Mary Bef?"

Mama: "Yes, she is my boss. She's pretty isn't she?:
The Princess: "Yes m'am"

Mama: "Is she as pretty as Mama?" Am I fishing or what?

The Princess: "Yes m'am"

Mama should let it go now, but NO....

Mama: "Is Mama prettier"

The Princess in her serious voice: "No m'am she is much prettier."

Lesson learned: If you don't want to know don't ask. When I told the hubby about the conversation he just laughed. I said, "You wouldn't have said that would you". Again, laughter!

So not that I'm asking for comment or even for you to be the judge just want you to see what I'm up against! Not to mention the brunette is amazing herself! Also, I have to add that I think this is a horrible picture of me, but just want you to see what I'm up against!!!

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