Monday, April 28, 2008

The Concert

Girls trips are the best! Don't get me wrong a weekend (or week) away with your husband is fabulous and important, a vacation with the family (without killing each other) is memorable and time away with your kids and husband is fun! Guys do the deer camp and golf course thing, but girls...they just don't quite seem to escape that easily. Even a day of shopping and pedis seems to get muddled with the other things you should be doing (cooking, cleaning, ironing, work, etc...). Again, don't get me wrong I enjoy the day out for shopping or night out with the girls, but there are always these responsibilities that loom over our heads that we can just not shake.

A few days ago, 5 of us headed to ATL. We bought tickets for a great concert before Christmas and it took 3 months of planning childcare, work schedules and such to get this pulled off properly. Who ever would think that 6 hours in car could go so fast with 5 moms talking and laughing. We were not a very rowdy group to say the least. There were some late morning risers in this group and that did not seem to bother anyone. The nights were not that "crazy" either because we didn't arrive until after midnight the first and then the second night, we just collapsed in our room late again to laugh and discuss our new crush. It has been many a moon since I had a crush. I don't think the hubby is too jealous at this point, but one more concert and the jealousy bug could bite!

Did I mention who we went to see (or do you say hear)? Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban! Wooohooooo!!!! If you are a regular to my page you know that I love some
AI so to see the winner from several years ago make it so big was fun! Carrie Underwood has an amazing voice. I cannot imagine what harm she is doing to her vocal chords every night, but that girl can sing! If you know me at all, you know that I can be a tad-bit emotional. When she sang "Jesus Take the Wheel" I was a little teary. However, not as teary as Carrie was when she sang "Don't Forget to Remember Me". The girl just had to quit singing because the tears wouldn't stop! I'd like to think her Daddy had just called her and she was missing him.

Now, I have to say...."Carrie who" because once Keith Urban came on stage....wooohoooo, have I mentioned that I already? He was amazing. I know a few gals from this area that have become a little infatuated with some "KU" and have now seen him FOUR times (I think). Well, Keith on stage was well worth the 12 hours in a car with girls. He was amazing (I think I may be repeating myself, now). Ladies, turn the lights down low, the music up high and enjoy the view!

To my gals on the trip-thanks for a great time. Jen, thanks for being the perfect and aggressive driver. Hubby, I love you and thanks for understanding a girls trip is sometimes the perfect trip!


mary straton said...

i love how you all put your purses down but you can still see them in the picture!

glad you gals had fun!

Mommy Davis said...

So glad yall had fun!!! Isn't blogging fun! I just got the email about Hartley... please keep me posted. I am praying for all of you!
les :)

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