Sunday, May 11, 2008

More Lessons Learned by the Princess

We can thank mother nature for our Daddy being home every weekend for the last month. Ozark (the deer camp) has been flooded so Daddy has been "trapped" home with the girls. We are actually quite impressed that he has been so easy to be around and hasn't seemed to suffer from his girl time too much. He has been quite the productive man around our house!

So, Friday night we headed out to the Rez for the annual Pepsi Pops event. We have lived here for more than 10 years and have never attended. It was so much fun and a great atmosphere that we will definitely participate in for years to come. The weather was perfect, the friends were of course fun and the kids were able to run around and be kids. The monkey hung in there as long as possible and then she gave it up and snoozed in the stroller...happiness is a child that sleeps! While at the Rez I becamse aware that this might be a life-changing weekend for the princess and one full of life's little lessons:

I'm sure that due to my professional life this struck a chord with me that most parents would just shake off. There was a tent with a whole Elvis theme happening.
The Princess asked: Who is that man in those pictures over there?
Mama: That is Elvis, toots.
The Princess: Who is that?
Mama: He was born in MS in a 2 room shack with his parents, he had a twin brother that died at birth and lived here until age 11. He bought his first guitar in a hardware store, where he really wanted to buy a bebe gun, but his mother talked him out of it. He then moved to Memphis, became famous, married a teenager....and then died. OK, so maybe I didn't give her all those details, but I could tell you about it in my sleep if you were interested.
What I really said was "He was a famous singer."
The Princess: Did he die?
Mama: Yes, baby.
The Princess: So he is in heaven with Big G (her great grandmother who died over a year ago).
Mama: Yes, baby with Big G. Now if you knew our Daddy's grandmother this alone that she and The King of Rock 'n' Roll are up there together is good for a giggle.
The Princess: Is he with Dutchess? (That was our Dog that died 4 years ago)
Mama: Yes, baby and I'm sure they are singing "Ain't Nothing but a Hounddog Right Now."
The Princess: Ok (and then she was gone)

LESSON #2: You don't always get to win
When we are all in the car we often play the quiet game. If you have an almost 5 year old who talks ALL the time you understand. She & her daddy were playing. She won the Round 1 & he won Round 2. She obviously wanted to win both games & winning one was just NOT an option. This was the moment where Daddy decided to teach her "You don't always get to win." Let's just say it didn't go very well. I'm not sure he got the point across, but he never gave in & said ok you won (I was ready to 20 mins. into it).

LESSON #3: Church is not a toll bridge We are not a cash or checkbook carrying family. So to all those potential thieves out there we are not a good target for you! After buying plants the day before (at a nursery that only excepts cash or checks) and literally counting pennies and dimes to find enough change, our cash was wiped out. As we drove into the parking lot at church yesterday morning, the princess asked for her money. We give her money to place in her Sunday School offering on most Sundays. I would have even given her a quarter, if I could find one. Needless to say, we were out of cash. So here goes the conversation:

Mama: Baby, we don't have any cash this morning so we will bring some next week, ok? The Princess: But Mama, they won't let me in if I don't have money to pay. Mama: Oh, well we don't give them money to pay for us to come in. This is church it is free. The Princess: Why do we give money then? Mama: Well, Jesus tells us to and then the church takes the money and gives it to hungry little children who don't have any money to buy food. The Princess: OK. So, as I dropped her off in Sunday School I saw her sweet preschool director and laughing I shared our brief conversation and suggested that, we might need to work on the tithing lesson for the kiddies. Her quote to the Princess: "Honey, this isn't a toll bridge."

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