Wednesday, March 12, 2008

American Idol Count Down

So, do I really have a life? Yes.
Do I really have time to post about American Idol? No.
Do any of you even really care about AI? Probably not. Is this going to be earth shattering info? Absolutely. Will I be able to do it for the next 3 months? Doubtful, but I get an A for effort, right?
The judges (Dawg, Paula and Simon) keep saying this is the best year yet. Time will tell if this is the truth or not. If you are not familiar with the concept and how songs are chosen, keep reading. Each week the contestants are given an artist, decade or genera of music that they must pick from. This week it was Lenon & McCartney. should really have watched since she is thrilled that Paul and Heather are done. However she was at a victory party for Charlie Ross, so am sure that she has not had the opportunity to watch AI yet.
1st up-Unimpressive young thing and apparently so unimpressive that I do not remember her name or the song the chose. KK Score: 4

2nd up-Chikeze, now with a name like that, he is destined to be remembered. He formerly worked security at LAX and now is on stage performing for the world. I was definitely entertained and it made me smile. KK Score: 8

3rd up-Ramiele, she formerly poured soy sauce into those little plastic take away containers. She sang “In My Life” and dedicated it to her friends that had already been sent home. Last week she did not handle one dudes (or dudettes) departure well at all. I thought it was boring and apparently the judges agreed. You know that if Paula starts out with “You look really pretty tonight” she is not going to give you rave reviews. I guess it is something about start with a positive and try to end with a positive motto. KK Score: 4

4th up-Jason Castro, he is a white boy with some thick dreadlocks. He sang “If I fall” and played the guitar. Now, I think if you can play a musical instrument and sing that you might truly have some talent in ya. He did fair but it seemed to be a safe performance. KK Score: 5

5th up-Carley, a girl from Ireland. First, this is AMERICAN Idol, right? She nailed her performance (tattoo and all) of “Come Together” and I think is a real contender in the race.
K Score: 8

6th up-David Cook, he is a rocker. I have a history of not being big supporters for the rockers on AI (remember Chris Daughtery, but he now has top hits out there). He sang √Čleanor Rigby”.
KK Score: 6

7th up-Brooke White, a really beautiful blonde musician. She seems so real and I think we could probably be friends. She was a Nanny for twins prior to being discovered on AI and I loved what one of her signs said last night: “We Love Brooke” but we miss our Nanny. Brooke played the piano (barefoot because she can’t play in heels) and sang “Let It Be” it was beautiful and she was so emotional afterwards. KK Score: 10

8th up-David Hernandez, a communication and broadcast major. That alone should have him as one of my top picks but it wasn’t quite so. He sang “I Saw Her Standing There” and I was less than impressed. What did impress me was that one of his courses he took in college was all about the music of the Beatles. didn’t offer anything quite so cool when I was there, maybe Dr. Ford should look into Beatles 101. KK Score: 4

9th up-Amanda, the skunk hair girl that is another rocker. She rides Harleys with her family and the stripes in her hair matched the stripes on her pants, interesting look. I liked her performance last week, she has this Janis Joplin voice and I think she will go far in the competition. Maybe if she is looking for advice on her hair and wardrobe she will find this blog and contact me for assistance (I know so much about fashion and hair, ha). KK Score: 6

10th up-a hot Aussie. Again an international dude from Australia on AMERICAN Idol. He has lived in the USA for 10 years, but still that doesn’t make him American, does it? He coaches tennis on the side for some money and he is the hottest guy on the show. Performance was forgettable but for some reason I am scoring him on his looks and performance. KK Score: 7

11th up-Kristy Lee somebody from Oregon. She said she was country, is Oregon considered country? She looked great in her jeans and sequined top, but her performance was lacking. She took “Eight Days a Week” and tried to make it country…it didn’t work. However, once again her looks averaged in with her talent score makes me give her a-KK Score 5.

Finally-Archuletta and he must be about 12. He sang “We Can Work It Out” and he forgot the lyrics right out of the gate. Now, who am I to be too critical but if they didn’t want to be judged by American than they should not have tried out for AI. KK Score: 3

If I was a betting girl-which I’m not (just throw money to me if you want to throw it away) I would be that Archuletta is on his way home tonight and I am sure that “soy sauce” girl will once again be an emotional basket case.
So, as I conclude my American Idol summary all I can say is “Peace Out, Dawg!” Oh, and if you are on the seat of your pants wondering who is going home tune into tonight on Fox.

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mary straton said...

you are harsh. I am glad you are not judging me on AI.

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