Thursday, March 6, 2008

Well...over the weekend, I thought of another that just has to make me laugh! wwwhhhhooooorrrreeee red fingernail polish!! Now that is a classic Holli!

March 7th is Holli’s Birthday! Happy Birthday to my dear friend who put up with me for more years than anyone else would have ever tried. We went to school together from 6th grade until we graduated from college. She and I roomed together for all four years of college and then some! I’m not going to reveal her age (because that would tell mine). Below are 33 things that make me smile when I hear them and I think about my precious, precious friend!

1. Critz Critters
2. Tallahatchie River Floats
3. Peach wine coolers
4. “oooohhhh silky”
5. “is it ok to leave my purse in the car” to the parking attendant in NOLA
6. Judith McNaught books
7. Blank-blank
8. Chi-O Floor
9. The Long Hall
10. The Back Hall
11. “the list”
12. Derby Days
13. Late night calls from Gabe
14. Papa Johns and coke for breakfast on Saturdays
15. The Pink Palace
16. Decorating with empty coke cans
17. 325-HHKK
18. NOLA
19. EX Rush Parties
20. Papagallo dresses that tied up the back
21. Steckler, Tres and Holli having too much to drink on MY birthday, so I drove
22. The Landing
23. Flo & Eddies
24. Mulligans
25. Disneyworld Lifeguards
26. Neck braces
27. Howl at the Moon
28. NY Spring Break
29. Beach Trips
30. Black Cars
31. Cross-stitching the EX Crest
32. Shells & Cheese
33. “Chiggers, chiggers…die chiggers…ahah”

Happy Birthday Holli! I love ya. Kittle

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and 2 became 5 said...

Some of those brought up some good memories for me, too :) THanks for that & HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOLLI - my almost roommate freshman year. And I love that "random" 33 things. ;)

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