Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Letter....P

Mama to the Princess: "How was school today? Did you stay on green?"
The Princess: "I'm on green today, Mama."
Mama: "Great"
The Princess: "Guess what letter we started today."
Mama: "ummm...z....."
Princess: "No, Mama....P, silly"
Mama: "So what letters start with P?"
Princess: "porcupine, penguin, pink, purple, popcorn..."
Mama: "plate, paper, pretty, princess"
Princess: "I know what else starts with the letter P..."
Mama: "What?"
Princess: "Something you do in the bathroom but we don't talk about" (huge smile on her face)

Mama: "Who told you that?" (muffling a giggle)
Princess: "Nobody I just know."

Wow, again how do you respond. Of course once again she was right!

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