Friday, January 25, 2008

He Said Something Really Funny....

My husband has a dry sense of humor. It is at the most random times that he can make me crack up. Laughing is so much fun in a marriage. So, last night he was looking through an old textbook from college trying to get a reference for something.
As he was thumbing through he said "College seems so long ago and it is so foggy."

The supportive wife that I am replied, "Baby, it was a long time were a freshman 16 years ago."

As he shook his head he said, "I know, but I can't imagine how foggy it would be had I smoked dope."

Now, there is just no response to that, so I let him have the last word for once!


mary straton said...

wow. B is really deep. does beer consumption count towards foggy? if so, we're all in trouble. ;)

Beth Kittle said...

OK - I just laughed out loud! That was a long time ago and I definitely think beer consumption counts...

Miss y'all!
Love you - Beth

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