Thursday, January 24, 2008

Home With Sick Ones

I am working on day 2 of being home with a sick monkey. No fever since she left school Tuesday, but she has this ugly rash and we are worried her friends will make fun of her or actually that the other Mothers will grab their children and run out the door. Now, on day 2 we have received a call that The Princess complained of a stomach ache, had lost all color in her face and wanted to lay down instead of eat (not characteristic of a McCaskill or Kittle).

So now I’m home with two sick girls and now what? I just called the Princess in to ask her some questions that I came across yesterday while searching another blog that I like to check out. I do not know the Scotts, but am fascinated by any mother that can stay home with triplets! So, she had asked her 3 kiddies these questions and I thought it would be fun to copy/steal her idea. Maybe I will remember to do this every so often.

1. What are you good at doing? “What do you mean Mama?…ummmm….…color”
2. If you had ten dollars, how would you spend it? “umm….A picture”
3. What are you afraid of? “uuuummmm…..monstors
4. ”Who are your friends? “uuuummmm…..Claudia and Chloe and Kate”
5. What is important to you? “What do you mean…a wall”
6. What is your favorite book? “Ummmmm..Do Princesses Really Kiss Frogs”
7. What is your favorite food? “Apples”
8. What is your favorite thing about school? “Ummmm….pray”
9. What is your favorite thing to do? “Ummmm….ummmm…go see Sara Carson”
10. How do you show your family you love them? “Ummmm…”
11. What do you want to be when you grow up? “Ummmmm…a grownup”
12. Why? “Ummm….because if you eat food then you growup
13. What are you thankful for? “Uuummm….pictures”
14. Tell me something about God. “uuummmm….angels”

So, there you have it. Looks like we may be slacking in the speech area. I wrote down her exact thoughts and included each ummmmm…as you can see. Oh how badly I wanted to give her some direction and just had to bite my tongue to keep from saying how about....

Now all of a sudden she is ready to help me around the house and wants to play. Do 4 1/2 years olds know how to play "hookey", really?

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mary straton said...

so, this is what you do when your babies are sick? LOVE the new look AND the labels! you will be a champion blogger in NO time!

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