Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weekend with the McCaskills

If you are at the McCaskills during the weekend, it is like a box of chocolates, "you never know what you are going to get". Since at least one of our girls has been sick since Monday, we have been homebound. Daddy actually is at church without this morning which seems yucky to not be there with him. After sending the Princess back to school on Friday and letting her play all yesterday morning with the neighbors, we have decided to treat her ailments as the stomach bug (yikes MSKS).

Friday our house was fun and full with 5 girls ages 4 and under (The Princess, Chunky Monkey, Carter and our buds the Edmonsons). My Princess was quite upset that the other younger girls would not let her dress them up or put makeup on them. Carter did finally give in and did seem to enjoy it, watch out Hart & Beth! The younger Edmonson also got in to it towards the end and became slightly attached to the flashing tiara! The only picture I could snap quick enough her eyes were closed but by the smile you can tell this is royalty in the making!

Late yesterday evening, we snuggled down under the blankets and watched the Dawgs romp the Rebs! hehehehahaha The Dawgs are now 5-0 in the SEC, not too shabby!
Hopefully, whatever you did with your family this weekend you enjoyed being together and stayed warm, we did!

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mary straton said...

i hope when you typed that first line, it sounded like Forrest Gump in your head.

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