Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween 2007

Each year we wonder what should they be
And 2007 turned out no different for me.

There were ghosts, heroes and more than a few Hannah Montanas,
So it only seemed fitting for one of ours to need a few bananas.

Our oldest, the princess was the frilliest kitty cat you can recall,
She ran and she twirled, then jumped and danced with them all.

And the youngest was the cutest monkey with pink ribbons she donned,
She made her appearance and entertained the few that she saw.

The cat did reach a point when she told us she was home bound
No trick or treating she wanted, she heard there were ghosts to be found.

After just a little coaxing on the hayride she was gone
I don’t think she noticed her Daddy got lost and left her as one.

Once Daddy appeared she had not missed a beat
All this occurred while the monkey was asleep.

The black tutu and cat ears were put away for a while
Scrubbing the whiskers off of her face left a permanent smile

It is hard to believe that October is no more,
Halloween was blast and the fun was times four.

We look forward to seeing what next October will bring
I am sure that our girls will be out ready to sting?

It is true that a poet I am not
Does anyone know what to do with a pumpkin that has rot?


mary straton said...

a poet and didn't know it.

and 2 became 5 said...

and she rhymes all the time.....

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