Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Vote Today!

Who knows why anyone who has a blog writes what they do.
I guess everyone does it for different reasons. Some feel there are actually people out there that care, others want friends and family to know what is happening in their life and there are even some that use it as a tool to journal for their children (thinking some day that they might care). I guess I do it for a little bit of all the above.

Anyway, after dropping two little girls off this morning and before running to do a work errand, I decided to go ahead and vote. Who knows if with ballet on Tuesdays (the princess not me), picking up girls and the normal after 5 p.m. duties if I would have another chance. If you have never driven the Madison to downtown Jackson route, you can’t truly understand that going home at lunch is not that easy. Thank you Dick Hall, I guess.

So far, the theme seems to be “I Guess”. As I approached my polling place the campaign signs were covered on both sides of the street. I got that patriotic feeling that I do not think anyone can truly get if they don’t live in America (sorry to my international readers, I am sure they are numerous). I began to think of how many millions of people out there would love to have the freedom to do everything I have done today and the day is not ½ done. I was able to watch cartoons and the news, have a choice for breakfast, a choice of clothes to choose from, drive my girls to school and listen to sports talk, political talk, country, pop or Christian radio (which I listened to some part of them all during that timeframe). The sun is shining, the wind is blowing and there were some diehard supporters out waving their gloved hands and their signs for the passing traffice. Once inside the polling place, the energy was high and I just felt so proud to be in America! As I pulled back into traffic, I saw one of the waving campaigners help an older gentleman with his cane across traffic. The next thing I saw can only happen in Mississippi. He put his cane in the gun rack of a four wheeler, climbed on, cranked it and off he went. I think the must have lived just behind the some trees on that piece of land. Now, not only is it great to be an American, but to be from Mississippi!

Make sure you get out today and vote!


and 2 became 5 said...

and the tune to "I'm proud to be an American" is ringing through my ears. Your patriotism totally rocks! And a big thanks for the link ;)
Enjoy the rest of your day!

mary straton said...

You are very patriotic. Your theme song for today should be "God Bless the USA" by Lee Greenwood. I am sure it will pop up on your country station at some point today.

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