Monday, November 22, 2010

Attempt at Rededication

It has been a while and as my precious friend, MSKS, pointed out it is time to rededicated my life to my blog! So, to ease back in to it here we go. I'm home with the pack this morning and they are already asking what they can do. So, I thought I'd let them provide me the information for today.

It will be funny to look back at their answers over the years. I've done this several times with the Princess, but never posted. I do think her BFF hasn't changed over the years!

How old are you? The Princess-7 Monkey-3

What do like to do for fun? The Princess-Color Monkey-Christmas

What is your favorite subject/thing to do at school? The Princess-Art Monkey-share

Who is your best friend? The Princess-Maris Monkey-Brooks

What is your favorite color? The Princess-Light blue Monkey-red

What do you like to wear? The Princess-My jammies Monkey-red

What is your favorite movie? The Princess-Belle Monkey-My baby ones

If you go on a trip anywhere where would you go? The Princess-The beach Monkey-Go with Millie

What are you thankful for this year? The Princess-My family Monkey-Mommy

What is your favorite song? The Princess-Jingle Bells Monkey-Jesus loves the children

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