Monday, October 20, 2008

Blue Jeans

I love my blue jeans. If only we could incorporate that into my working wardrobe, all would be good with the world. Ok, maybe not all….

However, my love of blue jeans does not overflow into my girls’ wardrobe. I love to buy clothes for my girls, probably more than for myself. Wow, have times changed. I am of the mindset that my girls will have the rest of their lives to look older than their age and I want them to stay “little and innocent” for as long as possible. This being said, blue jeans have never been a real staple in their wardrobe. Let me make myself clear, I have no problem when other children wear denim. This is simply a decision I made about 5 years ago.

As many of you know, I travel frequently with my work. The trips are sometimes overseas and I normally am at least with one other person on my journeys. During the last 8 years, I developed a wonderful friendship with Bob “Sugar-britches” Harris. He has left the Deep South states and moved on to VA. Anyway, Bob and I have shopped and bought some really wild items together (including Burberry Speedos from the Burberry outlet in London). On one of our many shopping excursions, I made the statement that the princess didn’t wear jeans and that was really all that was said. Several weeks later on another trip, Bob and I had this conversation:

Bob: “Sugar Britches, I have a question for you.”
Me: “OK, out with it”
Bob: “You said a few weeks ago that the Princess didn’t wear blue jeans.
Is this some Mississippi rule, like no white after Labor Day?”
Me: Laughing so hard, I told him “No honey, just a rule I have for myself”.

Needless to say, I am frequently asked by Bob these days if the Princess wears jeans yet. Bob, I am happy to report that she has worn jeans to the deer camp a few times (only at her father’s insistence). !However, this year I decided to ease into the denim look for school with her first blue jean mini skirt. She is pretty confident when she busts out this denim. If you are interested in more fashion advice for little girls 5 and under, let me know.


mary straton said...

You and my mom share the denim-on-kids sentiment. I'm inclined to agree.

Bob Harris said...

Free at Last!!! That poor child has been suffering through all of that anti-denim sentiment!!! Sooooo glad to see that she has finally been allowed to wear the fabric of America!!! Now I'm waiting for you to post pictures of yourself in camo with a deer thrown over your shoulders! Love Ya Millions in Virginia!

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