Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Where Has The Last Month Gone?

I know that you have been driving yourselves crazy wondering where I have been. How can October be so close. Decisions of Halloween costumes will need to be made soon. I knew that September would be busy. I spent last week working and escorting 26 international friends around the MS Delta. Just think of every Juke Joint, Cotton Field and Museum you could find in the area and I was there! Hopefully, I will have pictures and post them soon. Last Thursday was one of those once in a lifetime experiences. I spent the day with royalty in the presences of a King...B.B. King that is. Last weekend the new B.B. King and Delta Interpretive Museum opened in Indianola. He may be one of the most gracious men I have met.

On Sunday I arrived home for just enough time to throw out the dirty clothes and throw in some bathing suits. The Family headed to the beach for the 6th Annual Vacation. 4 kids 5 and under with 5 adults (Stiemy is headed down tonight). Pictures from the "holiday" will also post soon. So far, the monkey is sleeping in the bathroom and my nephew may be in a closet somewhere. Everyone seems content and no hurricane is in the forecast. So far so good!

In honor of my lil bro (my most loyal reader) I will attempt to get Wipe Out removed. I must agree that laughing cackle at the beginning is very obnoxious!

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