Tuesday, July 1, 2008

KK's Summertime Favorites

Oprah has her favorite things, so why can’t I? Well, I guess I can but does anyone care? Will the companies send me hundreds of free samples to pass out to my friends, doubt it. Here it goes anyway:

“KK’s Top 5 Summer Favorites”

1. A Pedicure. What southern belle does not want her feet looking pretty in her peep toes? Of course, I’m sure sitting in white fluffy robe, sipping some bubbly while someone rubs on your toes and feet is ideal. However, for $25 you can find clean places here to massage, scrub and paint. The end result with both a little time for yourself and pretty feet.

2. Hobo Lauren Clutch.
Over a year ago, I became obsessed with wanting a pale pink hobo lauren clutch with the teal paisley interior. I stalked ebay to find the best deal for weeks and finally found a bargain I could not refuse. I have not had buyer’s remorse at all over this purchase that I am definitely still getting my money’s worth!

3. Amy Head Eyes & Lips. At least 5 years ago, I was introduced to Amy Head Cosmetics. A couple of times I have swayed to Bobbi Brown products, but always return to Amy Head. Once or twice a year, I book my complimentary appointment and go in for new eyes and lips! Honestly, I can never quite get it to look like they do, but I still love the colors.

4. The FitFlops. What a great gimmick-shoes that help tone your buttocks and legs! I am not a huge shoe shopper. I like shoes and I think they can really tie an outfit together, but I don’t like to wear them and I am extremely guilty of finding my favs and wearing nothing else. I went for years thinking my Birkenstocks were THE most comfortable shoes ever, next Merrill’s followed by my CROC flip flops. This summer I heard of Fit Flops from a friend, then saw Oprah listed them as one of her favorites and I was off to spend that economic stimulus check. The Fit Flops are THE MOST comfortable shoes I have ever worn! Am I toned because of all the wear? Nope, but I would buy them without that added benefit.

5. Trefethan Double T Wine.
Last summer the hubby and I went on a wonderful trip to San Fran and Wine Country with our good friends the Nations. We did the nighttime tour of Alcatraz (very cool), private wine tour (best way to not get a DUI), rented the convertible and drove to Big Sur (wonderful). One of the wineries that a friend scheduled for us was Trefethan Family Vineyards. There we tasted Double T and it became my favorite and I can find it here in Mississippi so it was meant to be.

Let me know what your summertime favorites are. In the meantime, you can find me with Double T in one hand, my Hobo in the other wearing my Fit Flops with my pretty toes and Amy Head lips!

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Sarah Largen said...

I have an addition, discovered this summertime treat yesterday! Goldenbrook Watermelon Sherbet (got it at Brookshires). A combo of real watermelon flavor and a watermelon jolly rancher flavor. Yum, yum.

You are making me what to go get your summertime recs-your power is that of Oprah's. How will KKM influence the masses next?

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