Monday, July 28, 2008

August? How is that possible...

How can August be here in just 3 days? Where has the summer gone? How can my baby be starting K5 in less than 2 weeks? It is hard to believe that time truly goes faster and faster. We haven't even been on a family break anywhere and it is already August? Hopefully, we can work a little time in in September if everyone's schedules will allow.

It seems like most of my summer has been tied up in work trips. I have been blessed to go some really cool places and this summer I had 2 great work trips. In May, Stiemy and I headed to Sin City for an international marketplace. He stayed through the weekend and I was left in Vegas for 3 more nights. If you have never been, 6 nights is too long. We went to some great restaurants, shopped (the only time I can get him to leisurely shop is when we are out of town) and went to see a great Cirque show. I also was able to see Blue Man Group which was so stupid I had to laugh.

A few weeks after Vegas, I went to London for an annual sales mission that we do every year. However, this one truly offered me a once in a lifetime experience. I was offered the chance to go to Wimbledon and watch Ana Ivanvic on Court 1. Did I mention that my seat was on the front row in the center of the court? I could touch the line judge (if I had wanted to be thrown out). It was amazing. We then watched 2 other singles matches of some guys that I'm not familiar with.

The rest of the summer has consisted of swimming for the girls, the princess K4 graduation, time with the grandparents, a fun 4th of July weekend with friends and this past weekend a wedding for the old fraternity crowd. It was quite fun and great to see all my hubbies old friends. I continued to be amazed at how mature everyone looked and acted. Several of the guys in the wedding were in our wedding 10 years ago. Everyone looked great, some have gained some lbs, some have lost hair, some of them are finally engaged and most of them are Daddys. How bizarre that our conversations revolved around feedings, sleep patterns, school choices and responsibilities. We couldn't help but laugh and say "these are just like conversations we had at the SAE house".

Here is to hoping you have had a wonderful summer. We are headed to buy Back to School supplies this week. Wow, seems like I just strolling the aisles at Wal-Mart in the Delta looking for that new trapper keeper!

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mary straton said...

i love that you have a summer reading list. I don't see Harry Potter anywhere.

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