Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekends with the McCaskills

How can it really be the end of May and another Memorial Day is done? It is so hard to believe that 5 years ago this weekend, I was packing up a house, as big as a whale, and praying that my baby would not decide to make its appearance into this insane world. I was over 5 days late from my due date and had agreed with the doctor to wait until the 28th to induce. Who had time for labor, I had a house to pack up. More on that in my next posting....(I'm sure you can't wait).

First, thank you to all of our veterans who have allowed us to live in THE best country in the world. Also, thank you to those currently serving to protect our families from the many terrorists out to get the Americans. The separation from your families is more than I can imagine and then you compile that with the day-to-day tragedies. Wow, and we just feel bothered when the milk is empty and we have to run to the grocery. It surely makes my "problems" very petty, to say the least.

The last couple of weeks have been busy for every parent that I have come in contact. One of my dear friends said that the month of May was busier than Christmas. Does that give you any idea of the craziness involved with end of the year activities? You see, my problems are so "petty". Anyway, we have had a lot of moments in the last 10 days to make new memories with our children and friends.

During the Memorial Day Weekend, we loaded up and headed to "No-zark" (a.k.a. Ozark Hunting Camp) with Mimi and the Nations. The kiddies were super well-behaved and more than exhausted by sunset on Saturday night. When you head to the deer camp, you just have to leave the city girl act behind you. We worked hard to convert Ms. Kennedy into the delta girl, her grandparents would love for her to be. She definitely busted out with the quotes for the weekend:

"I'm going out on the terrace" (interpretation:the wooden deck with four wheelers parked below)
"I'm going to go out and look at the stream" (interpretation: the flooded Mississippi River)

We hope that you had a beautiful weekend with your loved ones and that we didn't scare the Nations away for future visits on the "terrace"! It doesn't look like we will be able to return if Mr. Lee doesn't go with us.

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mary straton said...

I think you should know that when I clicked on your blog, the song "Redneck Woman" came on. That is unacceptable.

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