Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday to the Princess

Happy Birthday Princess (a.k.a. Toots)!
It is nearly impossible to believe that 5 years ago tonight, I was in the hospital just waiting for you to decide to enter this world. They admitted the night before to begin giving me meds to prepare for inducing labor. You were one week past your due date and this was no sign of your punctuality and organization you possess today. You were a complete angel from the first day we brought you home. Daddy and I laugh that we watched every "Rocky" movie the first 5 weeks on Sunday nights. After 5 weeks you decided it was time to sleep through the night and you never looked back.

You are so much fun to be around, although you do talk non-stop. We have decided you must have picked this up from your Big Al. You are an awesome big sister and truly love school. To think that you are starting K5 in the fall is something I thought I was ready for, until the packed with your school supply list arrived in the mail.

Your Daddy and I are already so proud of you and no matter what you do in life we will always be here for you. Never, ever forget that nobody loves you like I do!

Happy Birthday

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Hart said...

Thats an impressiv list big sis. one correction Final Four was 1996 not 2006

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