Friday, January 18, 2008

Sometimes it just feels good...

First and foremost, Praise God for protecting our little man yesterday during surgery. V has done well today and we hope that tonight brings more healing and rest for all of our family that is in Philadelphia.

This has just been one of those weeks and we have been all over the place it seems. It may have been my first full week back in the office since way before Christmas so maybe that has something to do with it. Thank goodness we have a long weekend. Right now my living room looks like Katrina blew through at 5 p.m. and we won't even talk about The Princess' room. My adorable niece (a.k.a. Pie) is asleep in KK's bed and hopefully I can move her shortly so Princess and I can snuggle and snooze!

OK, now that all the fascinating details of my life are complete. Sometimes it just feels good to be really out of the way nice. I know that God charges us to be Christ-like and that we should be nice to everyone we come in contact with (hate to end a sentence with a preposition, but this is one of those moments). Anyway, I stepped on the elevator this afternoon in the glorious Woolfok Building (MSKS and I fondly refer to as Shawshank). For lack of a better word, I think I may have flirted with a shall we say old man (who I will now call Mr.) He was dressed nicely and had his hearing aid in one ear. I didn't speak at first except to say "Going down". Then in the way we do in the south Mr. brought up the weather and how he thought the temperature was really dropping, but he never really made eye contact with me because everyone knows on the elevator you just look straight ahead or up at the numbers as you pass the next floor, right? So, I said "is it really" thrilling conversation so far, huh (it was only 5 floors)?

As I was looking at this man that was visiting the building, I noticed what fabulous hair he had. It was a pretty silver color with salt and pepper and that was a lot of it...more than Big Daddy or Stiemy! So of course thanks to my father who can talk to any stranger, I commented on it to him. (I did not get noticing men's hair from my father, let me make that clear).

When was the last time you told a strange man that he had pretty hair? The reaction I got was "excuse me" so I repeated it to him and actually touched my own hair in case the hearing aid needed new batteries.

Mr: "Thanks, I just got it cut."
KK: "Well, they did a nice job."
Mr: "I go to this lady in Highland Village and I think she cuts only men". Now if you have been to Highland Village you know that it is one of the higher end shopping areas in Jackson. There is a barber shop in there, but I am thinking Mr. probably goes to a salon.

The last thing Mr. said to me was "I wish my wife could hear you say that".

Now I was a little tickled and told him "Well, you better not tell her. She may not like a strange female flirting with her husband."

As the elevator door opened, he knew the man standing waiting for the next ride up. I think his chest puffed out a little and I couldn't help but think you made him smile today. I also think that the other man that spoke to him told him how good he looked (but have been something in the old air of Woolfolk). I bet he was on cloud 9 all the way home!

Lesson for the day: Compliment on old man on his (only if he has some to mention)!


mary straton said...

you flirted with an old man? You're as bad as Whitney!

mary straton said... the new blog look!

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