Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tis the meet Oliver

Tis the season for what?

Chaos, fun, stress, decorations, smiles, tears, Santa...the list goes on. A friend who is a new mom just said to me this week that having a baby really changes Christmas. It is so true, try having 2 and one that really understands more and more about the season.
The Princess has been rehearsing for her Christmas program at school for weeks. What it does to my heart to hear my 4 year old sing every word of "We Three Kings of Orient." She is apparently a "mean" sheep in the program and has a great line that she demonstrates valley is really more than 2 syllables. Try 5! Vaaaaaallllllllleeeeeyyyyyyy. Maybe I will get it downloaded when we get the video to share.

We have been on Santa's lap twice so far and I know we should run into him at least one more time before the big night. The other fun we have at our house is Oliver. Oliver is our elf that joined our family last year. If you do not have an elf member in your family you should really fine one. Our Oliver is a hoot and entertains us daily with his fun places he likes to hide. Every morning we wake up to find where Oliver shows up and the Princess has an eye for this little fellow. So far we have been in stockings, the kitchen, our bedrooms and last week he even left a note wondering who the lady was in our guest bed (it was Bebe, by the way). This week he even made a visit to our freezer we think it was way too warm on his return trip from the North Pole (where we hope he told Santa we were good that day). Yesterday morning we found Oliver upside down in a mint julep cup (only in the south, at least we know our elf has some southern roots) and this morning he appears to be swinging on the stars from our dining room chandelier.

Stay tuned on more adventures of Oliver and no doubt the McCaskills!

Merry Christmas.


mary straton said...

oliver is very mischeivous. AND acrobatic. i think he and Barney would be friends.

The Bridges Family said...

Our elf's name is ELF! SO original. Sounds like your elf has alot more fun than any other elf I know!

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