Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mama!

As November comes to a close my family always has one more day to celebrate, Mama's birthday. The grandchildren call her Bebe because when I was pregnant with the first grandchild we referred to that unborn baby as Butterbean, which turned into to BB and from there somehow BeBe was "born". Guess we couldn't spell it BB because that would be too confusing with two royal BBs in Mississippi (The King of Blues and the Queen of our Hearts)!

As one of her gifts, I will not reveal her age. I will tell you she is not in her 60s and if you go higher than that in your thinking you are wrong!! Mama and I have always had as close of a relationship as possible. I can't think of but one fight we ever had and guess who was right about that one (not me). Of course it had to do with a boy that she didn't want me to date anymore and I was so wise at 15 that I defintely knew what I was doing, right? Wrong again!

I am more than sure that we had disagreements or at least the respectful role of the eyes or "uggghhh" comments behind her back. However, none of those seem to be anything that I remember specifically. I do remember many fun shopping trips to Memphis, trips to the beach (oh, make that 2 fights we have had, I am sure at the age of 9 I had to be right), holding my hand at many doctors appointments for my headaches, a great trip to NYC, all those nights and days after both of my babies were born...the moments keep coming and coming and now the tears are flowing just as easily.

This woman is amazing to me and my entire family. How many people do you know can say that their mother graduated from Ole Miss (year to be witheld), loved Ole Miss football, went to games with her father-in-law, only to raise 2 children to choose MS State University as their home! Not only did they become Bulldogs but they somehow got their mother to convert as well. You could probably hear her yelling at the TV when MSU scored during last week's Egg Bowl. By the way, it was yelling for excitement not frustration. You see, she wants MSU to win because she knows how much enjoyment her children and their spouses get out of it.
She is a friend and support to all who know her, she is the hostess with the mostest and she is the glue that holds our wacky and fun family together. I love the fact that when the four Kittles are together with our spouses and now kids (4 under 4) that we have a blast. If I can be as wonderful a mother to my girls as she has been to me, I will have succeeded.

I love you Mama and here is to many more!


The Bridges Family said...

SOOOO sweet! Look how cute they are on the beach! I still cannot believe that I know you are Hart's sister! Small world! Have a wonderful week.

mary straton said...

YAY! I love BEBE! and that picture, by the way...

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