Friday, September 28, 2007

Meeting the First Family in D.C. (well kinda)

I know that it has been a few weeks since my last post. The Kittle Family Trip to Perdido was healthy, storm free and lots of fun at the pool. It seems that my precious niece and nephew do not like the sand to touch their feet and my oldest only wanted to be there for about 10 minutes before returning to the pool! It was a different sort of trip, but great. I now know that my brother, Hart, could be a gourment chef. We had the BEST meals in the condo and his sous chef, Stiemy, was tremendous! When life slows down and I don't have anything exciting to post, I will share some pics!

In the meantime, I must fill you in my fun experience this week. I have a fun job and work to promote tourism to Mississippi. In the last 8 years, I have met the German Chancellor, traveled to the US Embassy in Japan and sat in on a meeting with Toyota and Governor Barbour and havebeen to Europe for several trips and made many memories. However, this week my boss pulled one of his best yet. Wednesday I traveled to D.C. for a one night trip. The Travel Industry Association of America held a summit for the industry to blanket Capitol Hill to encourage that some new tourism laws be passed. Before the Summit began I went to the White House with several other MS delegates. We met at the Northwest Gate and were escorted inside the grounds. I heard some dogs barking and who did we see, but Miss Beasley and Barney. We were told that Barney's favorite food is hamburgers (I don't guess he is not too worried about his cholesterol). We went through the hall that connects the Oval Office to the White House. Walked through the Rose Garden, which we were told is not named for the roses by the way, out behind the Residence and were on the lawn. Our view included the Washington Monument. We waited in the blazing sun for about 20 minutes and then the helicopters began flying in. There are always 3 so terrorists will not know which is going to actually land. At 2:20 p.m. with snipers in the bushes, Marine One landed on the lawn of the White House. The President, First Lady and Jenna all exited from the helicopter and waved. The President went straight to work in the Oval Office while the ladies of the family went in the White House. I am sure they were preparing tea and lemondade for us and just forgot to send us the memo!

This was an amazing experience. I am only regretful and I was not able to spend more time in D.C. This was my first trip since I was in a stroller and I only know that because I have seen a picture of me in front of the Washington Monument. Hopefully, I will make the trip back to D.C. soon and get to see more of the area. However, it would be tough to beat this trip with a viewing of the First Family and meeting Senator Lott. How do you top that?

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